Welcome to our Vision. These are our foundations, these are our focuses. A curated selection of areas that will help us architect the next evolution in online Poker and a successful global brand

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Areas of focus:

Photo Integrated Video Chat.

Photo Live messaging.

Photo Web3 poker events calendar for all brands that sign up. Allowing you to see poker games and
tournaments happening all over web3.

Photo Customizable Gameplay.

Photo Customizable table skins and cards for premium members.

Photo Discord integration.

Photo NFT avatar integration for Premium members.


Our mission is to create a decentralised poker platform for WEB3 that connects the worlds of blockchain and poker.

Our platform allows users to easily find and sign up for poker tournaments happening on the WEB3 space in various communities, while providing a user-friendly interface, robust anti-cheating measures, and fair play.

We aim to build a strong community around our platform, where users can share their experiences and strategies, and participate in social features like chat rooms and leaderboards. Our goal is to offer a unique and engaging poker experience while promoting the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.






The DevilFish Discord bot brings the game of poker directly to Discord. This unique bot allows users to enjoy a complete poker experience within Discord itself. What sets it apart from other bots is its seamless integration with Discord's features, including graphics and a dedicated Discord currency system.

Unlike existing bots that redirect users to browser-based poker games, our bot eliminates the need for external platforms. Players can engage in poker games and enjoy visually appealing graphics without leaving the Discord environment. Additionally, the bot introduces its own currency system, specific to the Discord server, enhancing the overall experience and allowing players to track their virtual earnings.

By combining the convenience of Discord with the immersive nature of poker, this bot introduces a new and exciting way for Discord users to enjoy the game. Its innovative approach and full integration with Discord's features make it a promising and highly sought-after addition to the Discord community.



JJ is the founder of DevilFish, an NFT Poker brand that aims to revolutionise the world of online poker. With a deep passion for the game, he believes that the world of web3 presents a unique opportunity to bring poker to a wider audience and explore new ways to enhance the gameplay experience.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, JJ has dedicated himself to building a platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide a transparent, secure, and fair environment for players to enjoy their favourite game.

He is constantly seeking new ways to innovate and improve the player experience, with a particular focus on leveraging NFTs to create unique and valuable in-game assets and to create the first native NFT poker platform.


Has had 40+ years in the gambling industry, has taken multiple businesses from startup to launch and has floated some on the stock market, being an expert in raising finance.

Background in accounting and Hons graduate in Business Studies. 15 years in gambling sector both as a supplier of gambling machines to UK pub industry then later via online activities governed by UK Gambling Commission.

Successful exit from MBO project in 1988 then grew a telecoms B2B business from greenfield to successful AIM flotation London Stock Exchange.

Now has business interests in specialist property support companies and technology/NFT interests.


What blockchain will Devilfish be minting on?

Devilfish is going to be an Ethereum-based project.

What’s Devilfish NFT’s utility?

The utility of Devilfish NFT will be access to an exclusive, decentralised, web3 poker club.Holders will have access to the exclusive DevilFish Poker Platform.

What will be the style of Devilfish NFTs?

In DevilFish NFTs, we want to represent the trickster spirit that the name DevilFish evokes but also one the greats of poker share. Among the NFT there will be avatars representing The Poker Hall of Famers. Those NFT will be ultra rare and allocated at random.

When will Devilfish be minting?


What is the minting limit?



Professional Poker Player Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott was an iconic player and World Series of Poker bracelet-winner.

Dave Ulliott died in April 2015 but has been immortalised in the Poker hall of Fame and now on the blockchain through the DevilFish Poker Web3 Project.

Our platform is being built to celebrate poker greats such as Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot into the world of web3.

“Online poker is said to have generated revenue of more than $2.4 billion worldwide with a whole new generation of young players joining the community, many of whom have a passion for Crypto and NFTs”

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