DevilFish - is revolutionising the Web3 Poker and Gaming sector.

Inspired by our patron and Poker Hall of Famer, Dave “DevilFish” Ulliot, we are creating a collection of NFTs that will give holders access to the most dedicated and passionate poker community in a decentralised, Web3 environment.

Our community will have access to regular tournaments and poker themed events.

We love poker and our project is
100% focused on providing the best Web3 poker environment for our holders to play, learn, have fun and possibly even earn their place in the Web3 Poker Hall of Fame.


We see our Roadmap as an unlimited opportunity to keep bettering the digital master-class poker experience we will provide our holders with. We aim to build a poker-playing community that not only makes its own decisions thanks to decentralisation, but possesses the gravitas, seriousness and personality of The Poker Greats.

“Our Roadmap is an unlimited opportunity to keep bettering the digital master-class poker experience”

Together we’re building a premium Web3 Poker environment where Hall of Famers such as Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot, Johnny Moss (The Grand Old Man of Poker) and James “Wild Bill” Hickok would enjoy to play, and we want to carry their legacy into the fast-growing world of Web3.

Web3 Poker

Our community is at the heart of every decision we take and the foundation of everything we build.
Creating a fun, engaging and educational environment for poker players of all skill levels is our first priority. There will be regular poker games and tournaments for individuals as well as team games where other NFT projects will compete against each other for glory.

DevilFish Poker

To ensure the community has a voice and influence over key decisions about the direction of the project, Devilfish NFT is building a Web3 Poker DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation).

The community will have a voice with important decisions such as tournament rules, policies, platform features and project direction.

The DevilFish NFT Poker

We’re building the first fully native Web3 poker platform. Developed in collaboration with our community and the DevilFish DAO, the poker platform will cater specifically for Web3 player and features will include;

  • • Built and owned by the community
  • • Crypto economy
  • • 3rd Party NFT Avatars
  • • Onchain game data and analytics
  • • Discord Integration
  • • Leaderboards, individual and community
Who will make it into the Web3 Poker Hall of Fame and which NFT community will come out on top…


What blockchain will Devilfish be minting on?

Devilfish is going to be an Ethereum-based project.

What’s Devilfish NFT’s utility?

The utility of Devilfish NFT will be access to an exclusive, decentralised, web3 poker club. Within the club, all NFT holders will be weekly entered into a poker themed game with a hand that consists of their unique three-cards and any additional cards they have managed to earn through the week. The winners of these weekly tournaments will qualify for prizes including NFTs and the native token $DVLF.

What will be the style of Devilfish NFTs?

Every single one of the DevilFish NFTs will be a unique aquatic avatar on a background consisting of three unique playing cards. In DevilFish NFTs, we want to represent the trickster spirit that the name DevilFish evokes but also one the greats of poker share. Among the NFT there will be avatars representing The Poker Hall of Famers. Those NFT will be ultra rare and allocated at random.

When will Devilfish be minting?


What is the minting limit?



DevilFish NFT is a decentralised blockchain-based online poker project where the community will be at the heart of every decision. We are building the first Web3 Poker DAO, an exclusive gaming platform that takes prestige of the poker greats like Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot into the world of web3.